My little space in the cyber world.

Posting this assignment on the behalf of Zaybin, Jamika (JESS): It is really unfortunate that her mother got into serious accident yesterday. since no one is at her house, she is at the hospital with her mother. I am replying this message that Zaybin Jamika will not be present in the class tomorrow. Attention to Professor Smith: she has urged you to excuse her absence due to this emergency situation. She has e-mailed this work to post. I hope it would be granted and requesting prayer for her mother’s fast recovery.Thank You..

ACE230 teaching with multimedia: Before I attend the class, I  thought this class consists of typical power point presentation and other tools that teachers use to teach in a classroom environment. As I start to do my course works for the class, my entire perception changed. I learn new style of teaching which is creating blogs online. I never heard about blog to teach a class. This class taught me how to create a blog, make it presentable for my classmates, sharing information through comment on each other posts. Most importantly, Edupunk’s-DIY assignment was really helpful for me. it has increased my self-confidence and helped me to believe in me that i can do my own work when no is available to assist me. Another important lesson that I learned is how to create poll through G-mail and share with classmates. I had no idea how to do it before. This class has helped me to portray an ideology that how I would teach my own class. Throughout the session, Professor  was really helpful and productive. He also kept us busy with interesting assignments that I never felt the long duration of the class session. Individually, I did not know any of my classmates. However,  exchanging comments and giving constructive feedback on the posts, I have known about their capabilities and talents. Overall, lesson from this class were really helpful that I will be able to utilize in my professional career as a teacher.

My rationalization and understanding to Gardner Campbell’s “a personal cyber infrastructure” is similar to having a own space in our house where we decorate the way we feel the best.  We tell people this is my space and create an identity for that little space in the digital web world. It is really fascinating when Gardner Campbell reveals cyber infrastructure as “Bag of Gold” meaning that any we do of our own and keep it in our cyber house, it will remain as bag of knowledge that will be equivalent to gold in the future. When we digitize our work as blog or post in online, it makes it more reachable than our documents that keep in our house. In the era of our digital life, if we create an infrastructure in the web, it brings availability of information to other people as well. They can find my work online, see comments, and use it for their need. By establishing cyber identity, it enhances my self-awareness and motivates me to do better work because I can obtain recognition of my work. If I want to build my cyber house,  it will have to keep believing in Jim Groom’s the notion of Edupunk’s theory and develop myself cyber identity in the contemporary digital community.


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  1. Jess I’m so sorry to hear this news, your mother & family will be in my prayers! I enjoyed your reflection of the class & the video you posted that represents your understanding of what Gardner was saying. Throughout this class I thought all of the work you presented was amazing, always creative and unique. You will be a great teacher. Good Luck!

  2. I Love your video and how u stated that “Gardner Campbell reveals cyber infrastructure as “Bag of Gold” meaning that any we do of our own and keep it in our cyber house, it will remain as bag of knowledge that will be equivalent to gold in the future.” I couldn’t have said this better. And I agree with you that creating our own space is very important!

  3. So sorry about your mother!! 🙁 and i like how you pointed out the assignments that helped you out the most, i agree with you.

  4. I hope your mother has a fast recovery. I will make sure I include your mother in my nightly prayer. Both your video and image are interesting. The only thing you are missing is your blog.

  5. @Nasrin my favorite point highlighted by Jess as well. It’s a big part of why LMSs suck so bad, not allowing students to personalize their space and present their work in a way that feels right to them.

    Jess, best to your family in this time. If you get a chance, please have a friend or yourself post a link to your personal site.

  6. I agree with you too about how we got to know our classmates through comments and how talented and creative some can be..

    Sorry about your mother and i really hope she gets better…

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