Myspace should be mine

After watching Gardner, I came to understand that a personal online identity is very important. This basically gives you the ability to communicate with others in a whole new way. The space that a student creates has to be presentable and not in a random order. This will help the viewer to understand your points better and get a sense of who you are.  The earlier you start a personal online space the more it an grow.

an individual’s enrollment in a university or college, and when they leave that school this space will often disappear. A digital identity should be an online address one can have no matter where they are, a space where you can track that person as they move not only from being a freshman to a sophomore, but from an undergraduate to a graduate and beyond.

~ Jim Groom

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A Recruiter Image

This image I found help further explain my understanding of a personal space. It starts with you and the community you belong with (University). But it can expand to other mediums and can help you to further communicate and share ideas.

AC 230

When I signed up for AC 230, I had no idea what to expect or who taught it. But when I found out that Michael Smith was teaching it I knew it will be a unique class. Unique in the sense that we will be doing things on our own and not using blackboard. Previously before the class I had seen the techniques used in other classes but I never incorporated in whatever I did. But this class was the first and I enjoyed it. The whole class was a experiment which made me feel comfortable because we weren’t restricted to what York College says we should do or use. So this class gave us freedom. The thing I enjoyed doing the most was animated Gifs and DS106. Definitely a good thing to learn (Gifs). The thing that was not as important to me was the whole K-12 educational system mainly because I know I am no teacher nor do I have the skills. So it was a bit annoying doing the whole K-12 thingy. Other than that I have no complains. The class was fun.

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10 thoughts on “Myspace should be mine

  1. Your image says a lot. I like how you added your professional pictures to your blog. Thank you for assisting me when I asked for your help. Congrats on your upcoming graduation! 🙂

  2. I definitely agree with the fact that you said this class gave us freedom. Yes, this class did give us freedom by letting us DIY (ourselves). Everything we did in this class was definitely an experiment for me as well!

  3. Agree with your idea that your space should be organized. I also feel that it should be welcoming as well. By which I mean sharing your experiences so others can learn from what you have done.

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