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Before starting AC 230 I had heard that it was about how to use media in the classroom .From the first day I knew it was going to be different. The relaxed nature of the classroom environment and the professor’s informal way of teaching made me less apprehensive. I came into the class with very little, if any, computer skills. The assignments were interesting and as the course progressed then I started to see the bigger picture. I think we were being taught to become responsible for our own learning, that all the answers were there for us to discover and that we needed to change the way we think about education on the whole and digital education in particular.

The course allowed me to see for the first time the idea of “open education” and its possibilities. Names like Jim Groom, Gardner Campbell, Clay Shirky and Anya Kamenetz suddenly became familiar as I was required to read the ideas these modern thinkers expressed. I learnt about the possibilities of “flexbooks” and how they could transform what happens in classrooms. Very soon I realized that this was not the class I thought I signed up for. There were still assignments to cater for K12 students but there was more emphasis on the philosophy behind the digital revolution that we are experiencing. I also learned stuff like certain aspects of Photoshop to create a GIF animation, how to create and embed videos on Youtube, and setting up my own blog . I was also able to interact with educational bloggers and listen to cutting-edge lecturers in their respective fields.

Although the entire course was interesting and informative, one feature stood out for me and that was the fact that I knew I would learn something new every day. I especially liked the Technology Entertainment and Design (TED) lectures but I was most intrigued by the idea of “open education”. I can’t think of anything at the moment that I did not like about the course, however, it would’ve been better if we had more time to do more examples of what we were being taught. I know learning is an ongoing experience and I will time to improve on what I have learnt.

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  1. Yeah I agree totally on the time issue I wished I would’ve waited to take the class in the spring or fall in order to have more time. But I did love what I learned and will definitely use it in my future classroom or work.

  2. i felt the same way, i felt like we were forced to learn from our mistakes and actually use and explore the internet, so interesting,

  3. This course was definitely a course which captures the idea of open education. I agree with you that learning is and ongoing process. I love your blog by the way!

  4. Open education is key. And this class allowed us to see the importance of this, And it’s fun and really easy!

  5. I agree with you with the course
    I think we all learned something from it… nice background on your page

  6. It’s been really gratifying to see all of you take to this course this winter. I think I mentioned at the start of the class, but I haven’t taught AC230 in a few years. I had helped create the original syllabus back then and tried to incorporate my experiences as a creative producer, insisting the curriculum ask you to create ideas for K12 student digital projects.

    That was an important idea, to make sure you have your students “make stuff,” but not as important as what I’ved discovered through open-ed and DIY as a teaching philosophy. I don’t know why it hadn’t ever occurred to me to teach DIY, as it’s the principal method with which I learn new things.

    But even then, what was missing from learning process, as well as my teaching, was the networking and sharing. I hadn’t ever done that until the past 1-2 years. And in that time, finding some of the thinkers you mentioned above did I share and communicate anywhere near as much.

    In the past year now, I’ve probably written more than I wrote in the previous 5 years, as well as create so much art, and connect with so many great people. I hope you all find you academic/professional circle to connect with and create with, it keeps you inspired and sharp. And it’s a lot of damn fun too!

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