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This maybe is my last post on this website, but I like this class, i wasn’t expect the class is going like this. Pretty much we just figure things out that what our professor told us to do, and we just do so, we might never try those things out, might will never try it, it’s something new for us to learn by our self, and I think it’s fun to do that. When I registered this class, I thought it will be another class just learn what teacher tell us to do and we learn how to do stuff from teacher. But Prof. Smith ask us to figure out for most the technology tools and other stuff, and I think it’s awesome to experience something new for our self. But it’s kind of sucks to figure out stuff by yourself, and the finals it feels worth it!

Prof. Smith is the teacher from my AC230 class, he use the internet and technology tools to let us to experience the Edupunk and DIY learning.

As a E-ages, people need their own space to learn and doing things, people creating their own world with the cyber/internet. The cyber world is similar then the internet, but it’s something like alphabet.

“helping students understand cyberinfrastructure, and how to build one for themselves to be argertacse to thwir own digital life.”

Gardner Campbell he believe student create their own cyber life, and let them to discover by themselves. It’s relay to Jim Groom’s idea about Edupunk, let people learning stuff and figure/make up their own learning situation as themselves.

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  1. Your image can be interpreted in several ways. My interpretation is when someone starts out on a journey on the internet, there are endless destinations that person can reach.I think it a great way to represent the possibilities that AC 230 has opened up for its students.

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