Last day of Class :-(

In the video Gardner Campbell talks about “thinking the unthinkable” and how it effects the future of education. He describes the importance of how educational technologies has increased in many ways the creativity and the modeling of students around the world. It allows them to be free with what they have and gives them that ability to learn something on their own without the help of others. He questions what has cyberinfrastructuring did for you?

 Lets talk about the cyberinfrastructure you built, why did you build it that way? what does that represent about you as a learner? or as an architect?

As a result it creates this circulation of building upon others ideas to create something better, something new. It gives us that freedom to build on your abilities on how we come about something and it becomes part of our identity. Like he said why did we build it that way? It shows the person you are and gives us the advantage to come out of our boundaries and to explore other possibilities.

My Expectations…. 

I honestly wasn’t to expecting to learn much, since I took AC101 and I learned nothing new in that class, and thats what i expected same for this class. But when we first were told to do our first assignment and make an animated gif, I was like what the hell???? I don’t know how to do that and it looks so hard, but it was very simple and I really enjoyed this class, I wish I didn’t take it in the winter, cause I want to learn so much more. I feel like I learned a lot about the internet that I had not known. It feels amazing I feel like I have this power with the internet that I never had before. Everything I learned felt important. Especially when we made our own blogs, I am really excited about that, although I want  people to read my blog. However, this class is one class I paid for and it was worth it 🙂

8 thoughts on “Last day of Class :-(

  1. I have to agree with you i also have learned so many new things because i was just Microsoft techi n not internet techi.

  2. I LOVE your Blog, theme & reflection. I like the the title “The Muslim Girl” and people who come to your page can get a sense of who you are. Great Job!

  3. This class was definitely a great class. I learned so much things, which opened me up to different ideas that I can use in teaching. I really like your blog starting off getting to know you!

  4. I like how you included images of yourself on your blog. I was thinking about doing the same thing, but I don’t know yet. I agree with you where you said this class was worth your money. It definitely was.

  5. Having your own domain,also gives you the opportunity to reveal aspects of your personality. Your initial post is both revealing and informative. Lots of misconceptoins cleared up and learned a bit about Yemen as well. Thank you

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