I found the texts by Gardner Campbell and Jim Groom to be inspiring and revolutionary in a way.  The example of the printing press in this presentation really stuck out for me because it really symbolizes the impact that technology can have on our future, and how much the education system could really use something new. Coming into this class I really had no idea who Jim Groom and Gardner Campbell were.  I had no idea what “edupunk” or DIY was and I hadn’t participated in a class through blogging before.  The most I’ve done with computers inside of a classroom was learn microsoft office and blackboard.  What I’ve learned in a couple weeks of class completely blew away the expectations I had.  I was brought up to speed on the direction that education technology is really heading in.  I thought I was getting involved in a blackboard and powerpoint class that I had to take in order to graduate on time and instead, I learned a ton of new and exciting ways to teach a class.  For example, creating my own space where my physical education students can blog and post assignments similar to the way we did in this class.