Cyber in 2011

Gardner Campbell explains about blogs and how we can use internet to our benefit and educaation. One thing that stood out the most for me while watching this video was “Narrate, Curate, Share” and i also found and article from him too ‘Narrate, Curate, Share’: How Blogging Can Catalyze Learning and you can see in the second page that he explains clearly what they mean. I think these three practices would help people learn a lot not only because they would be blogging but they would be sharing ideas to people from different parts of the world and it expands knowledge.

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According to Campbell with this video game you can creat your own levels “you ca be a participant and a producer “

Jim Groom

“Remember when the Internet was about opening up access to information and breaking down the barriers between content creators and content consumers? Think back to when spam was just a meat-like substance. To those heady days when Timothy Leary was predicting that the PC would be the LSD of the nineties. Before the DMCA. Before eBay. Back when the Web was supposed to be a boundless Borgesian ‘Library of Babel’ and not a global supermarket. Forget that the dot-com era ever happened—if you were an investor or working for stock options back then, maybe you already have.”

Taking this course has changed the way I look at techonology and school. I expected to have a different kind of teaching in this classroom, it was totally different from what we are doing now. I am really glad I am taking this course because I actually learned  few things about websites and techonlogy, since I want to creat a website for a small program I run in my country, thats helping poor students. The most important for me is to remember how to do everything I did in this class, so that when I start teaching I can apply it to my lessons and that my students can enjoy as much as I did. And here is a link to my page

Poem English/ Spanish

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For my project I want my bilingual students to choose a short poem in Spanish, the one they like the most, and then translate it in English. Once they choose their poem they would have to recite the poem in either language. Since technology is very broad they would be able to find the exact translation for the poem.

This would help students develop their knowledge with poetry and translation with both languages.  My YouTube video shows the author reciting his poem in Spanish and then I added the translation so the listeners can follow the recitation. I hope you guys like my lesson =]




origami heart

I used a camera to record this video because my laptop’s camera wasn’t working, then transferred it to my computer and then to youtube. For some reason it didn’t want to download so i had to stay up all night trying to fix the problem but thank goodness it worked. Ignore the background noise couldn’t get my baby sister out the house.

Hi guys so my video is teaching you guys how to make an origami heart. I used to do origami before with my students at work and i haven’t done it in a while and my students used to love it , so i though to teach you guys how to make an origami heart since Valentines is almost here. I hope you guys like it.


Mike Wesch Poll

My Poll question was: You think Media has changed society in a positive or negative way?

Only four blogger commented on my poll and three agreed that media has changed society in both, positive and negative way.

“For one the media has advanced ways for people to gain knowledge. We can watch documentaries and search up just about anything today through the media, hence  technology”.

“In negative ways, Media causes students to go off the learning. When students use electronics in class, they are more like to use internet for fun…for social network. They actually waste their time on tasks that are not related to school”.

I agree with this person “I would say that the media is more beneficial than harmful but like Mike Wesch said we are on “a razor’s edge” with all this new technology we have. So we have to be aware of  how the  media is used”. Although technology improves every “minute” I think a person is responsible on how they use technology. However, school wise I think it has made us lazier because now everything comes handy we don’t have to go to the library and search for BIG piles of books like back in the days.


Mike Wesch

Mike Wesch – 03/06/10

In the video of Mike Wesch he mentions his experience in New Guinea and how he had to adapted to a new culture where there was no electricity and no media. However as time passed by a new form of media enter society and it changed the ways society functioned. Wesch mentions three reason how media uses us, how it has changed and how it mediates.

  “Sometimes when we are trying to use media, the media is using us.” Mike Wesch


“New media comes in into society and changes the society as a whole and we are all part of those changes.” Mike Wesch


“Media are just not tools, media are not just means of communication. Media mediates relationships and they mediate how people are conected, who is connected to who, what is connected to what and when you added all up when media change relatiosnhip change and the whole structure of society can change.” Mike Wesch

Later he states his experience where he works, with his college students. Students now a days are allowed to bring electronics to their classrooms. however, the question is do they pay attention when they have this electronics with them? Mike Wesch also made a poll that shows how students waist money on books that they don’t even use and also how students “study” and get lower grades.

  “The walls are sending a different message, the walls are sending a message that first of that to learn is to acquire information.” Mike Wesch




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Describe yourself in ONE image

In this assignment my targeted grade would be 4th grade. At this age students are learning about themselves and what are the qualities they have. For this reason I chose this assignment.

Assignment: Find a picture that describes yourself and explain why.


I choose this image because helping kids has always been a passion for me and i think this image can describe one part of my personalty.


Building Vocabulary Words

For this assignment my Bilingual class will take a picture of an everyday object and then translate in English and Spanish.This will help students with their cognitive thinking with their two languages. In addition students would learn new vocabulary in English and Spanish.

 This is an example of my assigment. My Hello Kitty clock/alarm/ radio but I moslty use it for the time so that’s why I wrote clock (Reloj).