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Myspace should be mine

After watching Gardner, I came to understand that a personal online identity is very important. This basically gives you the ability to communicate with others in a whole new way. The space that a student creates has to be presentable and not in a random order. This will help the viewer to understand your points better and get a sense of who you are.  The earlier you start a personal online space the more it an grow.

an individual’s enrollment in a university or college, and when they leave that school this space will often disappear. A digital identity should be an online address one can have no matter where they are, a space where you can track that person as they move not only from being a freshman to a sophomore, but from an undergraduate to a graduate and beyond.

~ Jim Groom

The full article can be read here.

A Recruiter Image

This image I found help further explain my understanding of a personal space. It starts with you and the community you belong with (University). But it can expand to other mediums and can help you to further communicate and share ideas.

AC 230

When I signed up for AC 230, I had no idea what to expect or who taught it. But when I found out that Michael Smith was teaching it I knew it will be a unique class. Unique in the sense that we will be doing things on our own and not using blackboard. Previously before the class I had seen the techniques used in other classes but I never incorporated in whatever I did. But this class was the first and I enjoyed it. The whole class was a experiment which made me feel comfortable because we weren’t restricted to what York College says we should do or use. So this class gave us freedom. The thing I enjoyed doing the most was animated Gifs and DS106. Definitely a good thing to learn (Gifs). The thing that was not as important to me was the whole K-12 educational system mainly because I know I am no teacher nor do I have the skills. So it was a bit annoying doing the whole K-12 thingy. Other than that I have no complains. The class was fun.

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Rip YouTube Video Painlessly



I chose to make this video because Google can be a pain to find a good site to rip youtube videos. This site files everything you’ll need to rip and convert. Its important that things on the internet are made easier for us. I just recorded my PC monitor with my cellphone.


From reading about Edupunk from Never Mind the Edupunks; or, The Great Web 2.0 Swindle, I learned that Edupunk was created by Jim Groom and has sparked a lot of conversation around the internet. Following the trail lead to a book that was published by Anya Kamenetz who published the book DIY U. From there I found this video about the author getting interviewed on The Daily. In this interview she talks about the future of education.


From there I found a Battle royal video with Jim Groom and Gardner Campbell in which Jim explains what Edupunk punk means. The quote can be seen here. From all these pieces of information I was able to give my own perspective on Edupunk. Edupunk was pretty much a rant about a certain group in this case blackboard and it evolved into a argument that pissed of a lot of people because of the DIY or Do It Yourself attitude.


Dan Cohen Poll

The question I asked in my poll was “Do you think that we will eventually solve pie or will it still be a mystery?

Based on my results, yes. Two of them suggested that “eventually someone will solve pi. It will take some time.”

The second poller said:

I believe that we will eventually solve the mystery of pie. If we look in the past, there was a time when people had no idea about internet and now internet has become a source of communication. In past, mathematicians have solved many mysterious things and I believe that in this advanced technological world, pie will be solved as well.

Based on the results I had, I was unable to formulate my own hypothesis because only 3 people answered the question, so that didn’t effect my opinion. But in my opinion I don’t think that pi will ever be solved. It’s a lot of numbers to deal with.

Dan Cohen


Dan Cohen talks about Pie (3.14…) with the history of it.

Pie doesn’t stop and it was taught in its first conception.

Dan refers about pie in the bible.

Johann Heinrich Lambert was a self taught mathematician that was able to prove that pie was irrational. Watch it here.

After that point years later mathematicians argue about different theories (Click Here) in which Dan refers to as a modern day flame war on twitter (Hilarious). Click Here.

Soon there was no result to the whole pie issue until it was solved by a person from Brooklyn. He created a pattern which was organized and easy to follow. The pie symbol worked very well and the 3.14 slowly would shy away. The new pie was able to find planetary orbits and land rockets on the moon.  Pie still has great mysterious. Click Here.


[iframe src=”https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/embeddedform?formkey=dFZaZTlqcXh2T2Z0b0w3MGFOUnROa0E6MQ” width=”580″ height=”639″ frameborder=”0″ marginheight=”0″ marginwidth=”0″]

Design Differently.

I am not a Apple fan. I just love their design sense. Many manufacturers don’t have much design sense. I think Apple or Steve Jobs has figured out how to design good products. My students thinking differently is a good way to run the class. Many of the teachers these days force information into the students head but there is very little room for creative thinking.

What if? Change History in a Moment

What if George Bush didn’t win that election? This is the type of thinkingt that I want my students to have. I feel its great to have them think this way. In my opinion I think he was one of the worst president in the history of the United States. So what if? Would be in a recession now? Would 9 11 not happen? Would online gambling be more popular? There is a lot to think about.

For this image I put it through pixlr and added text to it. The color of the text I was having a hard time with because of the color.