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Fun Gif – Take my money!

For my gif animation I did it with putting a dollar into the vending machine. For this I took it with my cell phones video camera because my phone doesn’t have a burst shooting mode. From there I took a snap shot of every frame and added them into photoshop and animated each frame. It was a long process because I had to work with 24 frames. But the outcome was great.


Education to the 21th Century

The blog that closely resembles what I would teach like is Michael Gorman21 st Century Educational Technology and Learning Blog“. Michael wants to bring the k-12 learning process to the 21th century. Amazing Stop Motion Video Software … It’s Free And Easy…Plus 20 Classroom Uses! focuses on using free software in means of learning which I thought was awesome. The blog I took a look at showcases a new stop motion animation program called Jellycam.

When I learned it was free, although donations are encouraged, I was excited. After all, that is a budget  affordable for any school.


1. Claymation for a multitude of curricular areas

2. Digital Story of any kind

3. Have students explain a content standard

4. Common Craft style video production

5. How to do it (demonstration) video

6. Math story problems (introduction or solution)


Michael embraces new ways of teaching the class. He is a big advocate for online resources that students can use. He is also on the Top 50 Education Innovation Award. That its pretty freaking cool. Introducing new ways of learning is a great way to have your students attention. The students will be engaged and also like the ideas of introducing new ways to learn. Also students get to use these new free technologies to help them create presentations, etc.

Students learning on iPad




Teacher I would be

If I were to become a teacher, I would be the type of teacher that enforces free thinking. Many of the teachers today are just forcing information into your head and you are not allowed to think for a good amount of time. My high school AP Biology teacher Jerry Watkins was one of my teachers that made us all think for ourselves. His tactics was weird. He often provided life examples in whatever he taught and also added things that were not part of the syllabus. I never liked this guy for this but towards the end of the year I understood what he meant. He taught me a great life lesson.

Jerry Watkins my AP Biology Teacher


My own practice would involve free thinking with the internet. I would find this method more effective because the students are not limited to what the teacher says. Students can gain insight on everyone else on the internet, with this they will be able to formulate their own opinion. This way the students are networking. But the class runs the risk of getting distracted with things on the internet such as facebook and other social networking sites.

Students at work

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