E-Ages learning

This maybe is my last post on this website, but I like this class, i wasn’t expect the class is going like this. Pretty much we just figure things out that what our professor told us to do, and we just do so, we might never try those things out, might will never try it, it’s something new for us to learn by our self, and I think it’s fun to do that. When I registered this class, I thought it will be another class just learn what teacher tell us to do and we learn how to do stuff from teacher. But Prof. Smith ask us to figure out for most the technology tools and other stuff, and I think it’s awesome to experience something new for our self. But it’s kind of sucks to figure out stuff by yourself, and the finals it feels worth it!

Prof. Smith is the teacher from my AC230 class, he use the internet and technology tools to let us to experience the Edupunk and DIY learning.

As a E-ages, people need their own space to learn and doing things, people creating their own world with the cyber/internet. The cyber world is similar then the internet, but it’s something like alphabet.

“helping students understand cyberinfrastructure, and how to build one for themselves to be argertacse to thwir own digital life.”

Gardner Campbell he believe student create their own cyber life, and let them to discover by themselves. It’s relay to Jim Groom’s idea about Edupunk, let people learning stuff and figure/make up their own learning situation as themselves.

How to play Lapoda(Capital of sky)+To Alice on piano(advance player)

I used the digital HD camera recorded this video while i playing the piano and uploaded it to The Youtube.

I recored with my hand on the keys, I was about to recorded it over head, but i don’t have the high camera stand to do that. But i think u still can see the keys i heat/play.

The video is for the advance piano player who like to learn the different style on piano.


Edupunk (DIY attitude of self-learning)

according to wikipedia:

Edupunk (2008-2011) is an approach to teaching and learning practices that result from a do it yourself (DIY) attitude.

The New York Times defines it as “an approach to teaching that avoids mainstream tools like PowerPoint and Blackboard, and instead aims to bring the rebellious attitude and D.I.Y. ethos of ’70s bands like The Clash to the classroom.”

Many instructional applications can be described as DIY education or Edupunk.

Edupunk it is an idea of new way to learn stuff by yourself, it also means to teach yourself through the technology system likes internet, multi-media equipment/tools etc.

As the technology is getting better and better, we can use many of different tools and equipment to learn stuff and self teaching for many different things. E-books, internet blogs, videos, and so on can provide many different way for people to learn something new.

poll summary

the question that i asked is why Jeff Jarvis said F the SAT’s?


as my understanding the reason that he said this is because he does not agree the standard education system. He think it is necessary to change the new age of education, the traditional is useless, is no longer need. And the SAT is the traditional test to test the skill for high school education he think it is unnecessary for the E-age education.

Edu-punk is a little bet relate to his idea. The 21st century should be the time to DIY attitude for students. For my personal idea, i do agree with Jeff Jarvis, and i also agree the point of new age education. Self learning actually can be create more interest of learning in anything, and the learning pressure can also be decrease. The test like SAT it’s always increase the nerves for students.

F the SATs!!!


The video from NYED speech video from TEDxNYED – Jeff Jarvis is an a power speech that shows the new age of education needs to break down the standard school system.

During his speech, Jeff Jarvis has read out loud of “F” word to against the standard education system.

The sentences is quote from Youtube.

[iframe src=”https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/embeddedform?formkey=dFJwM3dEU3VtS3pETFdSLUk0WnB0VGc6MQ” width=”580″ height=”639″ frameborder=”0″ marginheight=”0″ marginwidth=”0″]

History Evolution by time

The time by time can change everything from history, same with sports, teaching, culture, and rules. Taekwondo has been found in 19 century in Korea, back that time Taekwondo it is just Korean boxing, people they create this kind of martial arts just because they have to protect them-self and their families. The Sports historian found bunch of the wall paint in cave, on trees.

 i found the image here.

After a long term period Taekwondo break the traditional way and culture,it slowly became an international sport and exercise. In 2000, Taekwondo is officially been add into part of the Olympic program, and many different people from many different country and places are also learning Taekwondo. It also changing into the business and career, it isn’t traditional culture anymore.


Two Chinese lady crossing the Main ST

There has two chinese old ladies is trying to crossing the main street in Flushing while is no car about to run through the road. This photo also showed that some people the crossing street with the dangerous way with no traffic light or stop sign intersection.

Maybe people just being lazy or try to safe time, but they also create more dangerous for them-self and people who is driving.

Future tecknology education

During the 21st century, the technology is being improve by monthly, especially the internet. Right now almost everything can be finish or deal with internet, such as like application, research, leaning, communication, business etc. The education online has also break the traditional school teaching, it provide students can have more flexibility time to learn what they have to learn/what they want to learn.

I have did the research and find a blog is about the online martial arts school, they have posted the video and provide the online martial arts education.

If you would like to learn basic Taekwondo in your own home before joining a dojo, you can learn for free online from our expert Taekwondo instructor. In this free martial arts training video series, learn basic Taekwondo techniques from expert Taekwondo instructor Sid Nelson.
According to the blog, master Sid Nelson have been experience to use the technology media to teach people how to self-defense and leaning martial arts. That is actually really helpful for me, as a future educator. We all have to lean how to use the technology to educate students. From master Sid Nelson’s experience, he gave me the idea to teach through the different way and seek help the other students through the technology.
In class, students lean from what teacher actually teach them, but they also can lean through the internet and review/preview the blog/website. Isn’t that great?
The following link is the video through the blog: