What edupunk means to me


the meaning edupunk is basically wanting  students to create their education rather than merely consume it.

some of the definitions that helped me understand this even more was found at this website

The definition of edupunk is somewhat loose, as preferred by its creator and early adopters. The New York Times defined the term as “an approach to teaching that avoids mainstream tools like PowerPoint and Blackboard, and instead aims to bring the rebellious attitude and D.I.Y. ethos of ’70s bands like The Clash to the classroom”.


This DIY perspective is something I used my whole life. I never had anyone help me, I had no older sisters or brothers to help me. I had to learn everything myself and with all the education I have gained.

Quote I like by Anya Kamenet“Everybody loves the idea of being a bit rebellious, and the idea that I’m trying to get across is that there is a student-centric way to approach higher education.”

Poll Summary

After all the feedback received, everyone thinks the internet is a great way of learning. It assists everyone with any type of help. Everyone today uses the internet and helps them find anything they need. As I saw from responses, the internet gives an advantage for more learning and knowledge. The internet improves our education by finding all the information we need.

This quote I liked:

“I believe that if students are being able to operate the internet, it gives them advantages to learning. It is very clear that students love to use internet. Even if students use it for social networking they still learn something. Its a great way of getting knowledge on anything you want to know.”

Amy Bruckman

Amy Bruckman focuses on social computering and educational applications in her speech. She wants to encourage everyone to participate more on line to have people’s opinions and feedback on what he or she thinks.

I like when she said “Fingers bleed” because it’s a metaphor that she introduces to the public to participate more online.

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Obesity today is one of the major concerns affecting our society and no one is realizing that  something needs to be done. We all should start eating healthier and be more active so the population does not increase. This image will make a better understanding for students  to realize what obesity is and looks like.

Future Physical Education

This image represents exactly the topics and learning that I am trying to teach for my future major. Physical education and Health education deals with exactly the words that are listed in this image. I like this image because it represents every category in my major and it is very important to teach these topics to all students. As a Physical education teacher, I will teach sports to students to motivate them to learn and enjoy on what they are participating in and teach the importance of health. Overall, students will have the skills and knowledge on all their participation and progress of PE. the blog I came across can be found here. The last post in his entry discussed how we future physical education teachers are supposed to grade the students. is it participation based? ,performance based?, and or discipline based?

The Future Teacher

What kind of teacher will I be? Good question! The teacher I expect to be is a teacher that motivates their students to learn and encourages them to do better. Communicating with students is important and recieving feedback from one another is what you learn and understand each person. All the knowledge I have recieved I will continue to pass the message to all students for the benefit for all. I will be a positive role model for my students and give them all the education they need. As a physical education teacher, I will be in an environment with students that are participating and having fun playing activities or sports. I will demonstrate skill and performance for students could gain understanding of what is trying to be taught. Practice would lead my students to success and at the same time having FUN! in which classes you do NOT have.