Last efforts

I am going to start out of order in the second part of this assignment, and explain/ describe what I expected to get out of this class. Honestly I thought this class was going to be boring, textbook reading type of class. Partly because the technology that I’ve seen used in the classroom are graphing calculator, overhead projectors (which are ancient), smart boards (which are new) and Elmos (which I would only think a few schools actually have them at their disposition). And I didn’t think we were actually going to learn all that I did learn now. I thought we were going to go through the basics power point, Microsoft word, etc. But when you professor told us that we were going to blog, create assignments using free tools etc. I was very skeptical.  What I got most of this class, is what your goal was all along Professor, to get me to think out of the box and use technology in ways I’ve never imagined could be possible to design assignments for my future students.  And I can honestly say that everything you taught us was important, from the philosophical way the thinkers you exposed us to the way we can use free software to create artwork.  I like the idea that Gardner stated in his article “A personal Cyber infrastructure” in which he said: “…few people understood how to bring students into this world, aside from assigning them e-mail addresses during orientation”. And I find this to still be true among professors that I’ve met. I think that his idea of requiring incoming students to create their cyber space is essential (“they are assigned their own web servers…”), if we are to keep up with the technological advances that have arrive and will arrive.  I see that Jim Groom agrees with this idea of giving students their own domain :”So, how might all this change if we actually purchased everyone* on campus a domain for one year (at the tune of roughly $36,000) and framed the experience in such a way that all students, staff, and professors were able to easily setup and control their online identity through their own domain (something like”. And feel this strongly about it because a particular teacher couldn’t simply use blackboard despite the fact that there were tutorial services available to her on this campus, and that hinder my learning experience in that particular class.

Story View : Science Classroom #2


Assignment : Dig through Google Maps Street View to find an interesting setting for your story. Let your imagination go wild and tell the story of what occurred in that space. Relate that story to a specific time in Geological History, How did it occur? What are some hypothesis for this creation. What are some rocks that exist in that area, and what are some famous formations.

Rock Types Found on Main Trail

  • Igneous
    • None
  • Metamorphic
    • Dolomitic marble
    • Schistose marble
    • Gneiss
  • Sedimentary
    • None
Rock Units

  • Stockbridge marble
  • Basal Marble Member of Wallomsac Schist
Minerals of Interest

  • Garnets
Interesting Geologic Features

  • Waterfall
  • Potholes

The most obvious feature at Kent Falls is, of course, the falls. Actually, they are a series of falls and cascades. Multiple falls and cascades, such as these, generally form where the bedrock contains alternating hard and soft layers. This part of Connecticut was once made of coral reefs, offshore from the northwestern part of the state. As the Iapetos Ocean closed when Europe and Africa moved our way, these reefs were squeezed and buried under other rock. With increasing heat and pressure, the minerals in these rocks recrystallized, and the former coral reefs turned to marble. Sand and mud around the reefs formed the impurities in the marble that cause some layers to be more resistant to the effects of the flowing water.

Fun Gif – Take my money!

For my gif animation I did it with putting a dollar into the vending machine. For this I took it with my cell phones video camera because my phone doesn’t have a burst shooting mode. From there I took a snap shot of every frame and added them into photoshop and animated each frame. It was a long process because I had to work with 24 frames. But the outcome was great.