What do Yeast Like to Eat? ..


Lab Experiment #2 For My Biology Students – Grades 5-6

To Do: I would like my students to research some experiments of there choice and of something they have interest in. I would  like them to

  • Present a Question for the experiment
  • Perform it with One Partner
  • Present the experiment in Video Format
  • Upload to YouTube

My Example – My Question to you is: What do yeast like to eat?

  • Yeast is a fungus and it likes to eat, just like me and you
  • Yeast produces Carbon Dioxide just like me and you
  • Yeast will grow when it has food and water
  • Yeast can be used in baking and if you take a slice of bread and if you look at it carefully you will see bubbles which are the Carbon Dioxide bubbles produced by the yeast
  • I will be using Sugar, Salt, Flour and the Control which will just have yeast and water, then to each I will add one packet of yeast and water.
  • I am using zip block bags so I will be able to capture Carbon Dioxide.
  • Next, I will identify what the yeast likes to eat by the amount of bubbles produced which is the Carbon Dioxide.
  • Does it like Salt? Does it like Flour? Does it like Sugar? Or None? Watch the Video and Enjoy!

In order to do this assignment I used the video camera on my phone to record and then I uploaded the video to YouTube.

TELLING A STORY: Using no words!


For this assignment i wanted my students to come up with a dance number where they are telling a story, they would not be able to speak… body language is the only way they can express themselves. The point of this assignment is for them to practice working together as a team and being able to express themselves without using words. This may come difficult to them but thats what i want,, i wanted to challenge them in using different techniques to send a message across.

Most Memorable Moments!!!K12

Time passes by but we hold our moments in the frame of picture. I would ask my students for their final project to create a movie with their most memorable pictures. The tools that they would be using are: Windows movie maker, AVS video editor and etc. Additionally, they would create two power-point slides. On the first slide, they would write why the pictures are memorable to them. On second slide, I would want them to put all the pictures together.

The reason why I choose this project for the students is because I want them to collect their memories together and share with their friends on online. Also, by using technology, students could keep their pictures safe and their memories will remain vivid as they grow up. My intention for this project is to get to know the students better, how they grew up, what are their capacities, and their hidden skills. This particular project would help the students and teachers as well. Student will get to know find out what are they actually good at doing..

My video would be a example of how they would do their project.

I have created a video with AVS video editing..everything is done with AVS. I had to record the PowerPoint slide with iPhone then transferred to AVS.

Enjoy the chipmunks 😛


Make Video to Show Understanding on Unit Circle

The Assignment is for 10th  Grade Students after learning the Unit Circle. Students are to use their best knowledge of technology in making tutorial video to show how well they understood the Unit Circle Chapter. Students can collect circle and trigonometry pictures from internet and then edit them using any picture editing software such as GIMP.

Please watch the Pythagorean Theoem Tutorial created for 7th Graders.


Students can use the ideas from the Tutorial video to create their own video on Unit Circle.For a start, Here is how Unit circle looks:

Radian Measure is Defined

Collect pictures and add any kind of music to show what unit circle is and how it works by creating a tutorial video. Students can also make a video and record audio of themselves doing the example on Unit Circle.

The idea for the assignment is taken from Kuleshev Effect, which asks students to make a video explaining the kushelev effect. I used the Windows Movie Maker to make the video and add music, which is the Pythagorean Theorem Music I downloaded from online.

Major K-12 Assignment

[iframe width=”420″ height=”315″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/Zz3_waWACIM” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe]

Students are going to do this assignment in groups outside of class as a major project grade. Students will video tape their drama and then edit it using the movie maker application. After this student’s will then burn their video on a CD and bring it in class for the class to view and judge. This assignment is going to enhance the student’s understanding of the study of plot and characterization in the drama Romeo and Juliet. Student’s will learn to analyze the imagery of the part of the sonnet they choose to act out. This will help the student’s actually have fun while they are doing the assignment. They will also be able to open up to some of their class mates and share their ideas on how they can make their part of the drama better and dramatic. It’s hand on understanding which will help students understand the play Romeo and Juliet better!

Video that made a star assignment( prelimenary/ will be edited with the final project)

So first take a program like virtual DJ, which you can, Google and download for free and mix several songs the kids want to dance. Then they have to come up with the choreography and narrate the steps in the choreography in a slide show presentation. Then they have to come up with the look/ dress wear they will use in the choreography. Then I will videotape them using either my webcam on the computer or my phone (most likely it will be my webcam) then they will use Microsoft movie maker to edit their video with their slideshow. Then they will publish it onto YouTube. I’ll try this with my nieces and see how they do.[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SRuN9fyZdxA[/youtube]

unfourtunately i had some tech difficulties the girls had to sleep early to go to school so i had to do the editing and i wasn’t able to retriee the part where my niece mixed the songs using virtual dj, will work on that asap and hoppefully you will have a smile when you see my two nieces dance to there favorite wii dance game songs.

Watch this video and look better on your picture!!

It’s been always a curiosity to me, how model’s face looks immaculate on their photos. I have been looking for tools to identify the hidden truth. This tutorial video shows how Photoshop can change your facial look just clicking the cursor. I have made this video with just simply with my iPhone. First, I have chosen a picture of a model then changed her facial look with the photoshop makeup.