Poll: Should We or Should We Not Upgrade Our Outdated Thinking to Openness?

Here is the link to my poll question and David Wiley’s perspective on the role that “openness” plays in our lives,  most importantly education. Based upon the results to my poll question on David Wiley’s perspective I found that this topic is very controversial. This is the result I have expected because I figured there are some people who doesn’t like their work to be a derivative by others. However, I strongly believe that the outdated way of thinking of reinforced by law limits ways to gain knowledge. First, it withholds intellectual property. Secondly, it limits our capacity to  modify by upgrading and sharing more knowledge.My belief is supported by respondent # 1.

Respondent # 1 said:

I agree that we should overcome the outdated way of thinking by law. Thinking should be open. For example, in the past, students were not to ask questions, but now students have freedom to ask questions in class. I believe that this leads to better understanding. therefore, thinking should be done in openness.

It’s very interesting that respondent # 1 pointed out that in the past students weren’t allowed to ask questions in class. Well there are still countries where institutions doesn’t allow that. The institution in Bangladesh that I went to long back would beat students for asking questions because it was a sign of rudeness. For a country that hasn’t advanced much with technology, this type of institution is very bad. Students in Bangladesh lacks technology to share, so it’s even worse when they aren’t allowed to share in class. How can we learn if we can’t ask questions? According to David Wiley why are they even teaching? You can here what David Wiley has to say about these type of educators here. As David Wiley said ” knowledge has a special property, you can give it without giving it away. you can share your expertise with out losing part of yourself.” I believe what me and my respondent are trying to is that students, for example in Bangladesh basically learn through memorizing, which is not a good way of learning. If they are able to share it would  a great way to actually understand and gain knowledge in a different perspective. Students should be allowed to be open. According to David Wiley, “successful educators are those who share most completely with the most students.”

Respondent # 2 said:

Although I agree with the idea of an open society where technology is used to promote social well being, the reality is that new technologies are copyrighted and used for personal gains.I think this is a personal decision and it depends on those who create and innovate to decide if they want to share or not share what they developed.

According to respondent # 2,  I agree that personal choice to share or not to share one’s innovation is a controversial topic. But this type of thinking will only retain knowledge form growing.The world have changed so much today through technology it’s unbelievable. Which leaves me thinking that those specific people who decides not to share will be left in the “dark” as those who are open and generous enough to share advance. So when we enforce technology with policies such as with password and copyright it keeps us from moving forward. This is something that we can go on and on about. This should not be a personal choice when it comes to education and it’s sad that people still thinks the outdated way today. “Technology is being used against it’s own potential to conceal and withhold” as David Wiley said in this video. People need to change their outdated way of thinking for the better of our future children. The outdated way of thinking will only leave them in the “dark”. The whole concept of intuitions is the “NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND ACT”…think about it again. Should we or should we not upgrade our thinking to “openness”?

Poll Summary ..

My Poll Question – Chris Lehmann states standardized tests are cheap, easy and not good. He feels preparing the students for Reading and Math is Training not Education. How do you feel about standardized testing? Do you think it should exist? Yes or No? And do you think the standardized test is a form of Training, Education or both?

Based on my Poll – 7 people responded to my poll. Only one students agrees standardized testing should exist and the other 6 agree it should not. Here are some quotes from the Poll that stood out to me.

“I feel standardized testing is pointless especially when the students are so young.”

“Education should not be something we just leave in our short term memory and once class is over we forget it.”

“Standardized testing should exist – Educators need to know where there students stand.”

“Standardized testing challenges students ability to excel and challenge there knowledge.”

“Teachers focus so much on preparing students for a test than for the next school year, its ridiculous.”

Results of Poll on “Flexbooks”.

At the time of writing there are four responses to the question I asked based on the talk by Neeru Khosla. Based on these , it is clear that all four agree and support the idea of using flexbooks in the classroom. My question was asking for the impact flexbooks would have on teaching and all the responses tried in some way to answer it,for example, poller#3 said

Through flexbooks I will be able to give my students the latest version of the texts we read.I don’t want my students to be outdated like their textbooks and Ithink flexbooks can change that.

Poller #4 was excited about the idea of being able to modify a text.He says

My teaching will become more enhanced…If  I am able to modify what is in the textbooks, that would be wonderful.

The poll yielded the kind of results I expected since most teachers are looking for ways to improve their instruction.Flexbooks have numerous advantages over traditional textbooks but adopting them to a large system like New York might be slightly problematic,(imagine all the bureaucratic red tape). Those of my colleagues who listened to the talk, might have had a fair idea of the possibilities of flexbooks in the classroom. To get a better idea of flexbooks it would be very helpful to see how it can actually  be used.A video presentation give a better understanding of this innovation.


Freedom Of Ecology Response…

Do you agree with the mashing and remixing of others works while respecting the creator? Why or why not?

It very interesting that many of us share the same idea on the mashing and remixing of others work, yet at the same time giving credit to the owner of that production.

Some beliefs were:

I agree because it gives a chance to connect with others.

Through mashing and remixing we are able to build onto and update the work  of another based upon modification.

In doing so there is the possibility of a better product emerging… However, we must acknowledge their efforts and respect intellectual property rights.

Everyone understood the point that Lawrence Lessig was trying to get the mass to understand. The belief that individuals using shared culture to communicate an audience and to mediate a relationship with each other. He quotes from a video by Julian Sanchez explaining what remix is about,

Remix isn’t just about an individual doing something alone in his basement, it becomes an active social community. It doesn’t yield a different kind of product in the end but it potentially changes the way we relate to each other.

The point of mashing and remixing isn’t about changing others work but rather is enhancing in a culture people can relate too.

Answer to Poll question…

 Here is the link to my post..

My question was: How do we better ourselves by sharing what we know?

So far I got 3 answers to my question.

Ans to the question:

We better ourselves in many ways when we share. And I believe we are always sharing, from the way people dress, just going on the train and looking at so many people from so many places we learn about culture and how to interact with people. When we come up with a new idea even if it may sound stupid it can be the next question that answers many theories.  Sharing what we know only allows us to grow and keep growing”


” We benefit ourselves by sharing. If I know something about an issue and the other person has no knowledge of, it is my responsibility to share that information so that the issue can be resolved. Also by sharing, we bring cultures, communities, and people from all over together”

” By sharing we enhance the lives of others and get that intangible feeling of closeness and community. There is the possibility that others will be motivated to help us because we are participating in a culture of sharing. open journalism is an example of how sharing can be beneficial to many people whose lives are impacted by it”


We all have different learning styles and we also all have a different techniques to make our learning more effective. Sharing these techniques will enable others to improve their learning effectiveness. Definitely do agree with all the answer to my question. Sharing what we know only allows us to grow and keep growing. We share information everyday in our daily lives, weather its by dressing,cultural, communities or by interacting through internet. We learn so many things from sharing with others which motivate us to learn more. Not only does it help others to learn but it helps you to build up your self-confidence level.

Poll Summary

After all the feedback received, everyone thinks the internet is a great way of learning. It assists everyone with any type of help. Everyone today uses the internet and helps them find anything they need. As I saw from responses, the internet gives an advantage for more learning and knowledge. The internet improves our education by finding all the information we need.

This quote I liked:

“I believe that if students are being able to operate the internet, it gives them advantages to learning. It is very clear that students love to use internet. Even if students use it for social networking they still learn something. Its a great way of getting knowledge on anything you want to know.”

poll summary

after reading all the responses I gathered from my poll,  I read pretty much what I expected. Most of the responses said they memorized the formulas for math problems. there was only one student who said they understood the concepts. There was also one student who said the only way to pass the math class was to memorize every thing which is pretty funny because thats how I survived high school math. This needs to change because this isn’t a very intelligent way to learn and understand the material. I asked my little cousin what 5 times 5 equal? and I got the write answer but then I asked her but why is the answer 25? and I just got a blank look. looks like she just remembered her times table


Poll Question: When you become a K-12 educator, how would you make sure that teaching is no longer being downgraded?

Only 3 people answered my poll question. The results are below.

2 Teach is
2 Touch lives
4 Ever

Educators should be given more in credit in what they love to do. Being an educator will not get you a hefty check and that is very sad. You don’t get a profession for the money (some people do), but in order for you and your family to have a comfortable life, you need financial stability. An educator helps to pave a road for their students. They want to make sure that their students succeed in life. Who doesn’t?!?!

Poll respondent #1 feels that once their students learn, their job is done. I agree. If my students are learning the material being taught, I will be happy with myself. I will feel a sense of accomplishment, which is always a good thing.

I think that my students will be an example of what kind of teacher I am, therefore, I will not be downgraded. ~ Poll respondent #2

Poll respondent #2 is confident in their career. If I am a great teacher, I will expect nothing less of my students. If you are in my class, you represent me. IF YOU FAIL, I FAIL!

By demanding to be treated as a professional, people will be forced to change their opinion about teachers. We are skilled people and we have to demand respect . ~ Poll respondent #3

Poll respondent #3 will demand respect. As I tell people, you don’t have to like me, but you will respect me. If you are a professional, you should be treated as one.

Poll Summary

My question was : Being a k-12 educator, How would you become an optimist and bring change in the education system? Here is the Link.

I only got three answers to my question. The answers in the polls explains my question well.    As a future educator, people who answered wrote that they will bring a change to the current education system.

Here is a quote from the first poll:

 Right now we are using computers and ipads in the classroom but there has to be more that we can do to further education system. Also not being afraid to use these ideas.

Another poll states:

 As such, blogging, networking and sharing information are ways I will use to stay aware of what is happening. Searching for like minded teachers will also be something I will engage in. 

All three of the polls state that they will be optimists in their future  profession. They will try to bring some kind of change, either in technology or by making impossible, possible.

Since I did not get too many polls, I believe that may be students found the question difficult to answer. If they had watched the key points I posted, I think they must have been able to answer the question. The polls that I did receive  do answer m question, but should’ve been more specific. I think I should’ve explained the video more rather than only quoting points from the video because probably, some people did not want to go back and watch the video.


Dan Cohen Poll

The question I asked in my poll was “Do you think that we will eventually solve pie or will it still be a mystery?

Based on my results, yes. Two of them suggested that “eventually someone will solve pi. It will take some time.”

The second poller said:

I believe that we will eventually solve the mystery of pie. If we look in the past, there was a time when people had no idea about internet and now internet has become a source of communication. In past, mathematicians have solved many mysterious things and I believe that in this advanced technological world, pie will be solved as well.

Based on the results I had, I was unable to formulate my own hypothesis because only 3 people answered the question, so that didn’t effect my opinion. But in my opinion I don’t think that pi will ever be solved. It’s a lot of numbers to deal with.