Rhizomatic Learning


Hey guys, I came across this video after reading Dave Cormier’s blog post on Rhizomatic Learning.  I was a little unsure of what to even think after reading it, so I youtubed “Rhizomatic Learning” and this video helped me understand the concept more clearly.  For the most part,  all I have been exposed to as a student is the “assembly line” style of education that he refers to in this video.

As an aspiring Physical Education teacher I think you have to have a good amount of structure to your class.  I think that a class of 10 year old “Nomads” could add up to a broken leg or bloody nose.  However, I do think that creating a learning environment that inspires creativity is important as well.  As a physical education  teacher I would strive to give my students as many options possible to staying physically active beyond the schoolyard or gymnasium.  I think it is important to show them the different types of physical activity that may appeal to them, not just the usual phys. ed. sports such as basketball, soccer, football and softball.

I think that a successful learner would show that he/she can explore different types of physical activity that they find fun and may help them live a healthier lifestyle.



Design Differently.

I am not a Apple fan. I just love their design sense. Many manufacturers don’t have much design sense. I think Apple or Steve Jobs has figured out how to design good products. My students thinking differently is a good way to run the class. Many of the teachers these days force information into the students head but there is very little room for creative thinking.

Avoid Facebook?

I know I should be blogging about what I’m planning to teach, but while I was looking for scientist blogger, I came across this interesting blogger Doyle and found what he was saying a bit fascinating.

So last semester my Philosophy professor used Facebook to communicate with her students. So she would put up videos and would tell us to discuss certain topics, she also wold make polls in class discussions and make us vote on facebook. I honestly thought it was pretty cool way of better communicating with your class to better spice up things. I even considered doing this when I became a science teacher. I though we can have discussion about scientific topics such as  how students think the universe was born? or even have polls about experiments done in class to see what the students thought of the classwork being done. Especially since everyone these days has a facebook, it can be something that my students will be able to relate too. However reading this I found out facebook is not exactly what I expected.

So here it goes….

1) Facebook is a commercial site that makes big bucks on directed advertisements.

2)Facebook is primarily a social tool, designed to deliver ads designed for you. It is not, and was never intended to be, an educational tool.

3)Mark Zuckerberg keeps changing the ruleson Facebook. (not very private?)

4)Facebook is a shortcut. You’re using a third party with its own agenda to create something useful for your classroom.


Here’s his T-shirt:

Mark Zuckerberg is the CEO of Facebook, above is his t-shirt logo. Here is a busniess card: “I’m CEO….Bitch”….

What do You think about using Facebook in your classroom?

Do you agree or disagree?

And Why?



My smart little art class in future


Without any doubt, I foresee myself as an art teacher which inspires me the most in my life. This blog -image represents my smart little art class in future. This wonderful image reveals the power of art that can be taught to the kids and flourish their mind beyond text books. “Children are attending schools, opening books in order to open their minds. Learning is not only quenches the mind of its thirst for knowledge, but it is the quintessential building block for advancement throughout life”. This quote illustrates through art teaching how a teacher can glow the light of knowledge among kids.

As I was browsing this blog site, I concurred with the idea “practice the painting and drawing everyday”. Actually this is the best way to learn and retain knowledge. When I was interested to learn art and paining, I was practicing every day and ultimately it has become my keen interest in life. Also, I believe art is to be shared. I have gained so much from others sharing their own art experiences and knowledge, I think this blog would be a great way for me to give something to my classmate to comprehend my style of teaching in future. “PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT” Yeap…

This quote defines the core of who I am and the person that I daily strive to be. I want to spread the knowledge like splendid torch that falls to next generation.

Life is no brief candle for me. It is a sort of splendid torch which I have got hold of for the moment and I want to make it burn as brightly as possible before handing it on to future generations.” George Bernard Shaw

I found two Best videos that will help everyone. I myself would use it as well 😛

Top 10 Proven Classroom Management Tips for Teachers

Top 10 Reasons to Use Technology in Education


The Future Teacher

What kind of teacher will I be? Good question! The teacher I expect to be is a teacher that motivates their students to learn and encourages them to do better. Communicating with students is important and recieving feedback from one another is what you learn and understand each person. All the knowledge I have recieved I will continue to pass the message to all students for the benefit for all. I will be a positive role model for my students and give them all the education they need. As a physical education teacher, I will be in an environment with students that are participating and having fun playing activities or sports. I will demonstrate skill and performance for students could gain understanding of what is trying to be taught. Practice would lead my students to success and at the same time having FUN! in which classes you do NOT have.




The Learning Process

My major is English Education With a Middle School Extension. I love literature and writing ever since I can remember. Through literature and writing I hope to inspire and motivate my students to grow, challenge and explore new contents. I want my students to take in the knowledge I pass on to them. However, I am going to be one of those teachers who challenges my students to be free thinkers, who can challenge and question what I put forward. I want my students to be able to make the connections I am unable to make and think the unthinkable. I want them to critique their own work and say “I can make it better” because there are no limits in English. Through literature and writing I am going to motivate my students to use their imagination and perceive their knowledge on new understanding.First and foremost I am going to make my students comfortable to share and express themselves, which will allow them to think openly and not be afraid to new ideas. We are in the process of learning where we learn from one another. I as a teacher will not know everything, hence, I will also be learning from my students. I want my students to be able to explain certain stuff when I am unable to and only then I will know that I have accomplished my job as an English teacher.  English is a subject that leads readers to other subjects such as philosophy and science. Reading and writing helps students open up to different ideas, it motivates them to research what they have never heard of, leading to science and math, etc. Through literaure and writing I hope to help increase my students curiosity and fondness of other subjects. A Teacher’s Influence Can Make a difference in Every Child’s Learning Process through motivation because we have to push students through the limits they set for themselves to attain knowledge beyond. Knowledge has no limits, we are constantly learning as students and as teachers!







Teaching & Learning ..

Ever since I was a little girl i loved pretending to be teacher and have my cousins play the student role. As a young child i was always organized. I made my own attendance book, report cards and had my own chalk board. In high school i enjoyed taking Biology classes and Earth Science.

My career goal is to become a Biology teacher for grades 7-12 in high school. I am organized which I believe is a great component in becoming a teacher as well as having an outline and being able to master my subject which is Biology. To become a good teacher i think the person should be socialble which means to form good relationships with your students. I am patient, responsible and love working with people. I want my students to know there is no question, opinion or idea that they have is a stupid or not valued.

Human Biology


Biology is my subject and in order for me to be a successful teacher my goals are to have a vision for my students, help them think of goals and give them guidance on how to broaden their ideas. I want to be involved with my students and let them know they can do more than one thing. I not only want to teach them but i want them to teach me as well.

I will work with my class as a team during our lab experiments and exploring new and exciting scientific investigations. I want to encourage my students to get excited about learning about the microscope, get curious about dissecting some animals such as a frog or pig, learn about DNA and diseases. I want my students to understand their own bodies and how life and the environment is connected.

In George Siemen’s article ‘Rhizomatic Learning — Why we Teach? he explains learning is based on ideas, there are many different contexts when it comes to learning and you have to be committed. From reading this article i learned i want my students to learn to make connections, teach me and to understand change. George Siemen explains a successful learner will continue to grow and there is no perfect answer. George Siemen refers to nomads and he says, “Nomads have the ability to learn rhizomatically, to ‘self-reproduce’, to grow and change ideas as they explore new contexts. They are not looking for ‘the accepted way’, they are not looking to receive instructions, but rather to create.” We need to make our own decisions, have our own goals, think for ourselves and have our own opinion. We should be able to create new, exciting and challenging ideas with our students.

Future Phys. Ed teacher

i’m going to be a physical education teacher. it really doesn’t matter to me what grade i end up teaching. my job as a teacher is to provide a safe, caring, and stimulating atmosphere in which your students grow and mature emotionally, socially, physically, and intellectually. It is my job as an educator and future physical education teacher to help students meet their fullest potential in these areas by providing an environment that is safe and organized, supports risk-taking, and invites a sharing of ideas. Growing and maturing emotionally, physically, and socially is an idea from Durkheim. There are three principles or elements that I believe are important to establishing or organizing such an environment, One is that the teacher will act as a guide or facilitator, Another is allowing the child’s natural curiosity or beliefs to direct his/her learning, and last but not least is to have our children or students promoting respect for their own body and their friends.

What kind of teacher I will be?



I will be a secondary school  Mathematics Teacher. I love to share knowledge. I believe that we learn everyday and also from each other. I will teach my student and learn many new things from them as well. Something that made me going into teaching is my experience from high school as a student. In my high school, I was one of the top math students. Most of my classmates used to complain that they hate math because it does not make sense to them. Then It came  to my mind that why don’t I do something for the future students who dislike math. Math is an important subject to graduate as well as in life. I will be a type of teacher who will put all the hard work to teach students math in a way that not only they understand math, but also start loving math. I want to help students succeed in life because math plays a big role in every career. It doesn’t matter which major students choose later on they have to know math. I will be a type of teacher who develop learning that never ends in students.

When looking at the Rhizomatic Learning, I agree that learning is something that never ends. It spreads from one mind to another, from one career to other, and from one nation to other. The 1st question, why do we teach? is very important. I believe that we all learn stuff everyday, but there are some things that we need to master to succeed in life. For Example, learning math or science deeply is not done by our-self, we need somebody to guide us through to gain that knowledge. Therefore, we teach to help others in gaining better understanding of a particular subject. The 2nd question, what does successful learning look like? I believe that successful learning is something that always stays with the learner. This type of learning is passed from one person to other. Successful learning makes students go into different directions in different fields. The 3rd question, what does a successful learner look like? According to my thinking, a successful learner never forgets what he or sh has learned. A successful learner can teach others. A successful learner can change the world. A successful learner has the ability to use their learning whenever needed to survive. A successful learned can face challenges in life. The 4th question, How do we structure successful learning? is little tough. There are many ways to structure successful learning. One way to structure successful learning, the teacher must be a successful learner. To structure successful learning, we need to think and gather the ideas to pass them onto others. When teaching, the practical work is very important. Through practical work, the learner can succeed and that is the goal of structuring successful learning.


Teaching has been my passion for approximately twelve years. My major is Mathematics/Middle School Extension. In other words, I can teach grades 1-9. I will teach math, social studies, language arts, and science to grades 1-6. Grades 7-9, I will teach strictly mathematics.

I want to be an educator that can convey information to students without being unclear. A lot of people who call themselves educators, cannot get the information across clearly to their students, I will be that difference. The teaching profession needs more people like myself.


Activity: My Practice ~ My philosophy of teaching is as simple as this, everyone present in my classroom is considered to be a thinker, learner, and teacher. For example, while my students learn from me, I will be learning from them as well. I call it the circle of knowledge. The more I get educated, the more my philosophy of teaching will continue to grow over time.

Dave likes to use a community curriculum. Since I will be teaching grades 1-9, I think that having a set curriculum would be needed. If needed, I would modify the lesson plans as I go on. I know that every child in my classroom will not be on the same page, but that is ok.