poll summary

after reading all the responses I gathered from my poll,  I read pretty much what I expected. Most of the responses said they memorized the formulas for math problems. there was only one student who said they understood the concepts. There was also one student who said the only way to pass the math class was to memorize every thing which is pretty funny because thats how I survived high school math. This needs to change because this isn’t a very intelligent way to learn and understand the material. I asked my little cousin what 5 times 5 equal? and I got the write answer but then I asked her but why is the answer 25? and I just got a blank look. looks like she just remembered her times table

Design Differently.

I am not a Apple fan. I just love their design sense. Many manufacturers don’t have much design sense. I think Apple or Steve Jobs has figured out how to design good products. My students thinking differently is a good way to run the class. Many of the teachers these days force information into the students head but there is very little room for creative thinking.

What if? Change History in a Moment

What if George Bush didn’t win that election? This is the type of thinkingt that I want my students to have. I feel its great to have them think this way. In my opinion I think he was one of the worst president in the history of the United States. So what if? Would be in a recession now? Would 9 11 not happen? Would online gambling be more popular? There is a lot to think about.

For this image I put it through pixlr and added text to it. The color of the text I was having a hard time with because of the color.