Two Chinese lady crossing the Main ST

There has two chinese old ladies is trying to crossing the main street in Flushing while is no car about to run through the road. This photo also showed that some people the crossing street with the dangerous way with no traffic light or stop sign intersection.

Maybe people just being lazy or try to safe time, but they also create more dangerous for them-self and people who is driving.

The Learning Process

My major is English Education With a Middle School Extension. I love literature and writing ever since I can remember. Through literature and writing I hope to inspire and motivate my students to grow, challenge and explore new contents. I want my students to take in the knowledge I pass on to them. However, I am going to be one of those teachers who challenges my students to be free thinkers, who can challenge and question what I put forward. I want my students to be able to make the connections I am unable to make and think the unthinkable. I want them to critique their own work and say “I can make it better” because there are no limits in English. Through literature and writing I am going to motivate my students to use their imagination and perceive their knowledge on new understanding.First and foremost I am going to make my students comfortable to share and express themselves, which will allow them to think openly and not be afraid to new ideas. We are in the process of learning where we learn from one another. I as a teacher will not know everything, hence, I will also be learning from my students. I want my students to be able to explain certain stuff when I am unable to and only then I will know that I have accomplished my job as an English teacher.  English is a subject that leads readers to other subjects such as philosophy and science. Reading and writing helps students open up to different ideas, it motivates them to research what they have never heard of, leading to science and math, etc. Through literaure and writing I hope to help increase my students curiosity and fondness of other subjects. A Teacher’s Influence Can Make a difference in Every Child’s Learning Process through motivation because we have to push students through the limits they set for themselves to attain knowledge beyond. Knowledge has no limits, we are constantly learning as students and as teachers!