Poll Summary

My question was : Being a k-12 educator, How would you become an optimist and bring change in the education system? Here is the Link.

I only got three answers to my question. The answers in the polls explains my question well.    As a future educator, people who answered wrote that they will bring a change to the current education system.

Here is a quote from the first poll:

 Right now we are using computers and ipads in the classroom but there has to be more that we can do to further education system. Also not being afraid to use these ideas.

Another poll states:

 As such, blogging, networking and sharing information are ways I will use to stay aware of what is happening. Searching for like minded teachers will also be something I will engage in. 

All three of the polls state that they will be optimists in their future  profession. They will try to bring some kind of change, either in technology or by making impossible, possible.

Since I did not get too many polls, I believe that may be students found the question difficult to answer. If they had watched the key points I posted, I think they must have been able to answer the question. The polls that I did receive  do answer m question, but should’ve been more specific. I think I should’ve explained the video more rather than only quoting points from the video because probably, some people did not want to go back and watch the video.


Connecting Optimists


The above video is about Connecting Optimists. In the video, Gina Bianchini talks about what creates a social movement and how optimists can work together to bring change in the world or the society we live in. She answers what makes a social movement successful  here.

She says that social movement becomes successful by Hope, Confidence, Drive, and  Love, which I totally agree with.

Bianchini believes that there has always been a realist or an optimist in this example. Then she gives another example of an architecture and how he brought together others to work in the disastrous areas of the world. At the end, she tells how people can come together using internet sources and bring a change.
[iframe src=”https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/embeddedform?formkey=dHlodzliYnhTZkNrOXdJcWd2aG5OdWc6MQ” width=”580″ height=”987″ frameborder=”0″ marginheight=”0″ marginwidth=”0″]