What kind of teacher I will be?



I will be a secondary school  Mathematics Teacher. I love to share knowledge. I believe that we learn everyday and also from each other. I will teach my student and learn many new things from them as well. Something that made me going into teaching is my experience from high school as a student. In my high school, I was one of the top math students. Most of my classmates used to complain that they hate math because it does not make sense to them. Then It came  to my mind that why don’t I do something for the future students who dislike math. Math is an important subject to graduate as well as in life. I will be a type of teacher who will put all the hard work to teach students math in a way that not only they understand math, but also start loving math. I want to help students succeed in life because math plays a big role in every career. It doesn’t matter which major students choose later on they have to know math. I will be a type of teacher who develop learning that never ends in students.

When looking at the Rhizomatic Learning, I agree that learning is something that never ends. It spreads from one mind to another, from one career to other, and from one nation to other. The 1st question, why do we teach? is very important. I believe that we all learn stuff everyday, but there are some things that we need to master to succeed in life. For Example, learning math or science deeply is not done by our-self, we need somebody to guide us through to gain that knowledge. Therefore, we teach to help others in gaining better understanding of a particular subject. The 2nd question, what does successful learning look like? I believe that successful learning is something that always stays with the learner. This type of learning is passed from one person to other. Successful learning makes students go into different directions in different fields. The 3rd question, what does a successful learner look like? According to my thinking, a successful learner never forgets what he or sh has learned. A successful learner can teach others. A successful learner can change the world. A successful learner has the ability to use their learning whenever needed to survive. A successful learned can face challenges in life. The 4th question, How do we structure successful learning? is little tough. There are many ways to structure successful learning. One way to structure successful learning, the teacher must be a successful learner. To structure successful learning, we need to think and gather the ideas to pass them onto others. When teaching, the practical work is very important. Through practical work, the learner can succeed and that is the goal of structuring successful learning.