Serendipitous Connections

cc licensed ( BY NC SD ) flickr photo shared by giulia.forsythe

For Monday I want you to look for a blogger that teaches in K-12 exactly what you’re planning to teach or┬ásomething close to it. Read some of their posts and in your own blog post, share some quotes, videos, and/or images from them. Tell us why you like how they write about their teaching and students’ learning. If appropriate I encourage you to support your description with your own images and videos.

Be sure to hyperlink the blog post or posts that you are referencing as this will create a pingback to the blogger (a reference comment on their post). Hopefully this will lead to you getting some comments/feedback from them!

Also for Monday, bring any form of digital camera you own (this includes cellphones). You just need to be able to get images off the phone and onto a computer.