Make Video to Show Understanding on Unit Circle

The Assignment is for 10th  Grade Students after learning the Unit Circle. Students are to use their best knowledge of technology in making tutorial video to show how well they understood the Unit Circle Chapter. Students can collect circle and trigonometry pictures from internet and then edit them using any picture editing software such as GIMP.

Please watch the Pythagorean Theoem Tutorial created for 7th Graders.


Students can use the ideas from the Tutorial video to create their own video on Unit Circle.For a start, Here is how Unit circle looks:

Radian Measure is Defined

Collect pictures and add any kind of music to show what unit circle is and how it works by creating a tutorial video. Students can also make a video and record audio of themselves doing the example on Unit Circle.

The idea for the assignment is taken from Kuleshev Effect, which asks students to make a video explaining the kushelev effect. I used the Windows Movie Maker to make the video and add music, which is the Pythagorean Theorem Music I downloaded from online.