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Building Our Vocabulary

I want my student’s to build their vocabulary. This will help them build their personality as well their language.

Since I am going to teach English Literature, I am going to have my K-12 students create a slide show of vocabulary words. My students would have to use vocabulary words they learned through out their readings  and use Powerpoint; insert images to help explain the vocabulary words to a group of ESL students to build on to their language.

“It’s like learning a language; you can’t speak a language fluently until you find out who you are in that language, and that has as much to do with your body as it does with vocabulary and grammar.”
Fred Frith

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I don’t want my students just reading literature, I want them to engage with what they are reading whether it’s through imagination or emotional involvement. Students will be able to grasp the main idea of their reading better through imagination and actually getting involved in what they read. This will not only help them become better readers but also better writers.

I am going to do a creative session, where I will ask my K-12 students to write their own drama in a group of five and present it to their class. Students can either video tape themselves and show their video in class or they can act out the the drama in person to the class.

Technology = A+++ Student’s…

Techno Education

is a English Language Arts teacher at MBHS.  Mrs. DeRaps, interacts with her students through blogging. She finds blogs “much easier to assess and to offer feedback on than are some other forms of traditional assessment”. I believe blogging is a great way to interact with the students. I mean who wouldn’t love learning through technology? Blogging is like facebook, you make a post and others comment. This is just great in my view! I love Mrs. DeRaps  way of motivating her students to actually do classwork through a fun, yet educational way. Mrs. DeRaps, developed rubrics to use with student blog posts, which gives her students a clear layout of exactly what she is expecting in their blogs. The rubrics makes it easier for Mrs.DeRaps to grade her students work. I know as a student I hate writing essay’s one after another, but Mrs.DeRaps idea made me realize that I can change that for my future students. Mrs. DeRaps states that blogs are “a lot more concise and quick”. Hence, there are no five to ten page literally analysis papers. This will instantly motivate students participation. However,  I agree with Mrs. DeRaps, this does not mean that there will be no five to ten page literally analysis papers, “it is just not appropriate for a blog”. Mrs. DeRaps and I both agree that “plagiarism is not okay on a research paper, the same is true in a blog post. The more that students link to the outside blogosphere and web pages, the more that their writing will be picked up on google. This is just good practice for social responsibility.”  Through Blogging students are not only doing school work but learning responsibilities as well.Furthermore, some students are not able to express their thoughts through language and writing. Blogging will help students to express their thoughts and ideas through media such as videos and images, etc. Even the U.S Department of Education is motivating  schools to enhance education through technology. “Creating online learning environments doesn’t just help teachers engage students.  It results in better learning outcomes across the board.”

Empowering Education Through Technology

Serendipitous Connections

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For Monday I want you to look for a blogger that teaches in K-12 exactly what you’re planning to teach or something close to it. Read some of their posts and in your own blog post, share some quotes, videos, and/or images from them. Tell us why you like how they write about their teaching and students’ learning. If appropriate I encourage you to support your description with your own images and videos.

Be sure to hyperlink the blog post or posts that you are referencing as this will create a pingback to the blogger (a reference comment on their post). Hopefully this will lead to you getting some comments/feedback from them!

Also for Monday, bring any form of digital camera you own (this includes cellphones). You just need to be able to get images off the phone and onto a computer.