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  • This Biology assignment can be for grade level k-12.
  • First, select an image of your choice that best describes you as a student in order for me to better know you. Next you will edit the image and put a number on it that also represents you as a student. Explain how your image and the number relates to you.

I got this image from Flickr and i edited the picture in pixIr. This picture best represents me because since i will be a Biology teacher i will be working with the microscope and slides during the lab section. The number 908 i consider my lucky number. I always see it – maybe its a sign for me to play and i will win the lotto.





Obesity today is one of the major concerns affecting our society and no one is realizing that  something needs to be done. We all should start eating healthier and be more active so the population does not increase. This image will make a better understanding for students  to realize what obesity is and looks like.

Visual Assignment K12-Lesson on Unconformity

This visual can be used to start a lesson in Earth Science on unconformities. It is obvious that one of the student in the picture does not recognize the importance of Siccar Point. Siccar Point is possibly the most famous site in all of geology. It was here that geologist Hutton was able to formulate his laws on unconformities and establish the principles of relative dating.

Representations of us.

The grade level targeted is first grade, The point of this assignment is for them to create a icon or picture that relates/ represents them, aside from the picture they would have to pick 2 words that best describe them. With this assignment the students can get to know one another and see if they can relate to one another. At the same time it would allow myself being their teacher to get to know my students a little better.

I edited this picture using pixrl i united two pictures together and added a small text where 2 words describes who I am. The idea of this assignment is from the design assignments.

A limited world.

The grade level targeted is sixth grade, their assignment is to think about living in a world with no computers or advanced technology where Xbox, Wii, YouTube, facebook, twitter and Google didn’t exist. They would have to think about a “limited world” where they would explain if they were home what would they be doing and how they would spend their extra time. The point of this assignment would be to help the students see how technology affects us.

I used pixrl to edit this picture where i united three different pictures in one, and added a text to describe the union of all three pictures. I took the concept from Ds106.


Grade Level~ 2nd grade

Subject ~ Integrating Mathematics/English

Assignment ~ Pick an image of yourself or anything you like. With that image, you are now going to write a few descriptive words explaining the image, BUT you will be using NUMBERS instead of LETTERS. In each word, you will insert a dash () in between every number. Make sure you use proper punctuation marks, if necessary.

Letters to Numbers –> A=1, B=2, C=3, M=13, N=14, O=15, X=24, Y=25, Z=26.

Example ~ 









I uploaded the image above in pixlr and then used the text feature to add the numbers.

Assignment originated from here.