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Mr. Sickler has a weekly blog that he keeps that summarizes the week and helps students keep up if they missed a day. the blog can be found here at Mr. Sickler’s 6th grade blog. The week that just passed they played games like capture the flag,and Castle Ball. The weather was even posted on the blog and another cool thing is that the students communicate with the teacher throught this blog which is something I would consider doing because I plan to be a role model to my students. The blog also started talking about the next unit the students are going to particpate in. The activity is going to be line dancing. Information about line dancing can be found here.

btw look at the sweet dance moves by the teacher ^ which is only overshadowed by the cool music he chose to dance to

Has little to do with physical education but a great movie


Castle ball lesson plan

The Future Teacher

What kind of teacher will I be? Good question! The teacher I expect to be is a teacher that motivates their students to learn and encourages them to do better. Communicating with students is important and recieving feedback from one another is what you learn and understand each person. All the knowledge I have recieved I will continue to pass the message to all students for the benefit for all. I will be a positive role model for my students and give them all the education they need. As a physical education teacher, I will be in an environment with students that are participating and having fun playing activities or sports. I will demonstrate skill and performance for students could gain understanding of what is trying to be taught. Practice would lead my students to success and at the same time having FUN! in which classes you do NOT have.




Future Phys. Ed teacher

i’m going to be a physical education teacher. it really doesn’t matter to me what grade i end up teaching. my job as a teacher is to provide a safe, caring, and stimulating atmosphere in which your students grow and mature emotionally, socially, physically, and intellectually. It is my job as an educator and future physical education teacher to help students meet their fullest potential in these areas by providing an environment that is safe and organized, supports risk-taking, and invites a sharing of ideas. Growing and maturing emotionally, physically, and socially is an idea from Durkheim. There are three principles or elements that I believe are important to establishing or organizing such an environment, One is that the teacher will act as a guide or facilitator, Another is allowing the child’s natural curiosity or beliefs to direct his/her learning, and last but not least is to have our children or students promoting respect for their own body and their friends.