Winter Schedule

Weds, 1/4 (F2F) – Introduction to the course blog, Creating your DEW Station, Assignment in response to Michael Wesch’s “A Vision of Students Today.”

Thurs, 1/5 – Introducing your future teaching plans, GMail accounts, Dave Cormier’s Rhizomatic Learning – Why we teach?

Fri, 1/6 (F2F) – Google Slide Presentor, and A New Kind of Presentation

Mon, 1/9 (F2F) – Finding an Educational Blogger, Serendipitous Connections

Tues, 1/10 – Visual Stories for Teaching, DS106, the Animated GIF

Weds, 1/11 (F2F) TEDxNYED 2010, Gmail Forms, Polling the Class

Thurs, 1/12 Poll Results

Fri, 1/13 (F2F) Edupunk and DIY Education

Tues, 1/17 Teach Me Something, Youtube tutorials

Weds, 1/18 (F2F) Video Made the Student a Star, K12 Video Assignments

Fri, 1/20 (F2F) Do You Need Your Own Digital Space?, Gardner Cambell, Jim Groom Response Post

Mon, 1/23 (F2F) Final Blog of your Own, and final Reflections


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