Winter Syllabus

Prerequisite: Academic Computing 101 or its equivalent
Course Number: AC230 2 credits – 4 hours
Instructor: Prof. Michael Branson Smith
Classroom: AC-4M03
Office: AC-4G01
Class time: 10 AM – 1:50 PM
Office Hours: Tuesdays 10 AM – 12 PM at Room 4G01, or by appointment

Course Description: Students learn the foundations for using multimedia technology in the classroom, become proficient with multimedia technology, study issues of equity related to educational technology, and understanding NYS K-12 learning standards for technology. Students design curriculum integrating the Internet and student-produced multimedia projects.

Course Objectives: By the end of the semester, students will be able to: (1) integrate multimedia technology into the curriculum; (2) utilize multimedia technologies including the Internet, digital cameras, scanners, digital video, presentation software, and HTML editors; (3) understand the phases for developing multimedia projects: design, production and distribution; and (4) manage and evaluate student-produced multimedia projects.

Teaching Methods: Hybrid

Online: 5 sessions

Face-to-face:   9 sessions


In-class attendance: 10%

Absence: -2%; Tardiness: -1%

Blog Post Assignments 40%
Commenting 30%
Final Project/Reflection 20

Grading Scale:

A+ 97 – 100
A   93 – 96.9
A-  90 – 92.9
B+ 87 – 89.9
B   83 – 86.9
B-  80 – 82.9
C+ 77 – 79.9
C   73 – 76.9
C-  70 – 72.9
D+ 67 – 69.9
D   60 – 66.9
F     0  – 59.9

Textbook: None

Required Reading and Media: Online references and information resources.

Attendance: Regular attendance is required since this course systematically layers concepts. If you do not understand something taught in an earlier class, it will be extremely difficult to complete work in later classes.

Missing classes will impact on your grade. We realize that unforeseen things occur so, as long as you make up the work on time, you may miss one class with no penalty. Missing more than one class will impact on your grade. If you come to class late or leave early, it will be counted as being unprofessional as a student, thus you get half an absence unless prior authorization was given.

Assignments: There will be a number of assignments, all of which will be submitted on the course blog. Toward the end of the semester you will export and archive your work from this blog and reimport it into a personal blog to be used as an the beginnings of an e-portfolio.

Homework will be at or before the start of the next class. Any homework submitted after that point will not be graded and receive an F for that assignment. The only exception to this rule is if there are changes to the syllabus which will be announced via post to the course blog changing the due date.

Technology is NEVER an excuse

The technologies we will be working with are far from perfect. Not having an assignment submitted on time due to any technological reason, either on your own part, e.g., the computer can’t read my disk, or any other reason such as blog being temporarily down, does not hold in this class. In the spirit of this being a technology class, you are expected to be resourceful and find ways to complete work.

Policy on INC grades:

  1. The student must be passing the course, and have the remaining work to complete the course requirements.
  2.  The student must request an INC grade.
  3. The instructor must approve whether the student has a valid reason for not completing course requirements and has reasonable expectation that the student can in fact successfully complete the requirements of the course within the allotted time.

Policy on Academic Integrity: Any form of cheating or plagiarism (e.g. failing to acknowledge the ideas of another person, rewriting borrowing material by simply dropping a word here and there, failing to place quotation marks around borrowed material, etc.) constitutes a violation of York College and CUNY academic integrity bylaws.

York’s Academic Integrity Policy & Procedures, developed to conform to the CUNY policy on Academic Integrity, can be found at:

Policy on accommodations for disabled students: Information about the services provided to students at York College can be found at the Office of Services for Students with Disabilities, located in room AC-1002, and on-line at:

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